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At least 40% of British women and 29% of British men aged 19-64, currently use vitamin supplements, and triathletes exceed those figures by another 10% because of their increased attention to their personal health and wellbeing.

Do Triathletes need to take vitamin supplements? If you ask sports nutritionists and exercise scientists, you’re likely to get a divided opinion on this controversial topic. About half will say that supplementation of some vitamins may be advised for triathletes, while the remainder will take the old party line about how, if you’re eating a good mixed diet, with the increased food intake you have to meet your training demands, you’re probably already taking in enough extra vitamins to compensate for the increased vitamin turnover due to your training.. Continue reading

Cycling requires stellar physical strength and endurance. Riders have to do all they can to keep their bodies in top physical condition to prevent injuries and fatigue. In addition to physical training and proper nutrition, taking vitamins is also another way cyclists can keep their bodies going at the best pace possible. Effective vitamins for cyclists are not hard to find and are affordable, making it easy for cyclists to find another way to stay healthy.

Vitamin B6Vitamin B6 is considered to be one of the most effective vitamins that cyclists can take in, as it helps with cycling-specific processes. According to Trails.com, vitamin B6 breaks down proteins and helps the body's ability to transport red blood cells and oxygen to muscles. Another benefit is that vitamin B6 helps the body release serotonin, a substance that makes the person feel good. Vitamin B6 can be purchased in pill or powder form, and is also prevalent in bananas.Vitamin EVitamin E is considered as a lifelong-benefit vitamin that can stave off diseases like heart disease, strokes, arthritis, senility, diabetes and cancer, according to Ubbvitamins.com. There are also cycling-specific benefits. Riders who take enough vitamin E, or more than the recommended amount, can see an increase in their stamina and endurance capabilities. The vitamin also protects cell membranes from free radicals with its antioxidant effect.Vitamin CStaving off viruses and other types of sickness will aid a cyclist in the quest to stay in top physical condition. Vitamin C does that, and is a very common vitamin that is found in many types of easy-to-find foods as well as in capsule form............ Continue reading

Importance For Endurance Athletes

We are only just beginning to understand the complexity and importance of Vitamin D in relation to health. Of importance to athletes is the function of Vitamin D as it relates to overall health, bone density, innate immunity, muscle wasting, and exercise-related inflammation and immunity. To train and race optimally, an athlete should not have any nutrient deficiencies.

Improved Immunity

In a February 2009 study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, Vitamin D3 levels were tested in 19,000 Americans. Those with low levels of Vitamin D had the highest incidence of colds and influenza. This is important information for endurance athletes who strive to balance heavy training loads and staying healthy. 

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